By J.C. van der Lippe (1928).

The initiative to the ancestor overview was an observation of my father Gijsbert Jan (*1890), who told me when I was still a schoolboy: “The grandfather of your grandfather was lieutenant in the army of Napoleon”. He himself was a sergeant major musician at the Royal Military band until the May days of 1940. In the war years he was a bass player musician for some years in the professional police band of Rotterdam. In that period he has made a family tree up to approximately 1800 with himself as proband. Afterwards I found this originally handwritten ancestor overview at the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG) (a Dutch organisation for genealogical research).

In the 70ties of the previous century I read an article about Otto II van de Lippe. He was bishop of Utrecht. He fall in a battle in 1227 heading its army at Ane (Gramsbergen), where he went to war against nobles from Drenthe. Eventually in 1979, I started with genealogic research. I was lucky that at the CBG a book was available with the following title page:

Boek Herren und Freiherren Von Der Lippe

From this book it appears that the Dutch Van der Lippe family mainly are descendants of Dietrich Ludwig Franz von der Lippe, who around 1750 as “herr auf Vinsebeck und Ottenhausen”, links him selves, as capitain des armes (non-commissioned officer, weapon master) to the Staatse army.

He marries on 23 november 1752 in Groningen with a doopsgezind little girl called Mientje Cornelis van Oldenhove, who is baptised on 8 june 1753 in the Martini church in Groningen as “eldery person”. This married couple got 10 children between 1753 and 1772. The baptism of these children took place in six different garrisons. The third son Willem Carel was the above-mentioned lieutenant. His son Pieter Willem Jacob Hendrik was baptised in 1807 in Aurich (East-Friesland). The unit where Willem Carel served was called for an action to East-Friesland; it was then the habit that the wives of the officers followed the troops.

I got the little book “Armamentaria” No. 9 (1974), the annual book of the Dutch Army and Weapon museum containing an article about the officers books, which with some interruptions were published since 1724. Indeed Willem Carel is mentioned in a number of these little books.

The following question is sometimes asked: are you family of Prince Bernard? There is no sufficient answer to this question. In the above-mentioned book the possibility is mentioned that the oldest Von der Lippe: Henricus de Lippia (mentioned 1180-1196) could be a nephew of Bernhardus (II) de Lippia (mentioned 1170-1224), an ancestor of the prince, but this is uncertain. The above-mentioned Bishop does belong to the family of the ancestors of Prince Bernhard.

The Van der Lippe family has the following family weapon:

Familiewapen Van der Lippe

My mother, Leuntje Hazenoot descended from a coast fisherman family from Noordwijk aan Zee and Katwijk aan Zee. Grandfather Maarten (“de Draaier”) Hazenoot was the captain on a bomschuit (a Dutch type of boat) and afterwards the captain on a logger (also a Dutch type of boat) from Vlaardingen.

The ancestors of my wife, Toos Wijsman, mainly orginate from the province Zuid-Holland. The Wijsman family were often flower-growers and the Vianen family was active in construction works and related crafts. The oldest know Wijsman so far was Barend Wijsman, who in 1642 married in Leiden with Trijntje Pietersdochter, both originating from Germany. The profession of Barend was textile worker.

In the distant ancestors of the Vianen family we find the families Van Voorne and Van Nadelwic, which means under the assumption of a bastard, that the family is most likely descending from Karel de Groote.

Until 2004 I processed all data manually. Since the end of 2004 I possess a laptop and use the Aldfaer software.